About us

Getting to know us:

The village of Steveston, in the city of Richmond BC, has a long and rich history for being an old fishing village, where the salmon fishing industry flourished in the area. Today, the village has retained its name, but has been re-established as a very popular harbor village full of quaint boutiques and many dining establishments.

It is here in Steveston, that our Grooming Salon has opened up. The owner and head groomer, Noriko has more than 12 years of experience in both Toronto and locally, here in Richmond.

“For dogs, the act of being groomed may not always be a pleasant experience. However, as an important member of one’s family, having your dog washed and groomed can increase the bond between the owner and the dog. There is nothing better than seeing the joyous expression when the owner comes to pick up their dog following a grooming session. The dogs too become very happy when they see the expression of joy on their owner’s face. “

Our groomers endeavor to aid in deepening the bond between owner and dog.

At our store, we provide a soothing atmosphere where each and every dog is pampered with care to ensure the dog feels the least amount of stress as possible through the process. We consult with the owner to make sure the cut is to the owner’s liking at the same time to educate on the health benefits of a well groomed dog, which includes the cleaning of the anal glands.